The community of Royalwood in southeast Winnipeg

Living beside the natural forest and retention ponds.

Ladco was the first land development company in Winnipeg to incorporate man-made stormwater retention ponds in a new community with the construction of Southdale in the 1960s. This trend of innovation and forward-thinking leadership was again proven with the construction of the city’s first naturalized retention ponds in Royalwood Phase II in 2003. Naturalized stormwater retention ponds are designed to mimic natural wetlands by incorporating a variety of plants native to Manitoba. The complex ecosystem that develops in these ponds helps to improve water quality as it moves through the stormwater system. This style of pond has now become the preferred standard for stormwater management by the City of Winnipeg.

Royalwood is a 485 acre community that began with the construction of Phase I (180 acres) in 1992. Phase II (305 acres) followed a decade later. Royalwood is adjacent to the Seine River and Bois-des-Esprits Park, a portion of the 27 km Seine River Greenway which features 117 acres of undisturbed old growth urban forest and the 2 km Bois-des-Esprits trail. The development of Royalwood included the preservation of 98.6% of the forested area, nearly 90 acres in total. The two naturalized stormwater retention ponds in Royalwood, totalling 9 acres, collect, filter and clean runoff prior to being released into the Seine River.

Royalwood is centrally located between Bishop Grandin, Lagimodière, the Seine River and the Perimeter Highway, and connects with the 12 km Bishop Grandin Trail, a multi-use active transportation trail. Residents of Royalwood enjoy the comfort and quiet of a secluded suburban community, yet are just a few minutes away from shopping, schools, and beautiful natural areas.

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